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€5 per day
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Luggage Storage City Center

Luggage Storage City Center

110 meters from MAV - Virtual Archaeological Museum
600 meters from Villa Campolieto
750 meters from Parco Miglio d'oro

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Neighborhood City Center

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Safe and secure

All deposits are secure and guaranteed and all luggage deposited through the platform are covered by the Bagbnb guarantee.

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Luggage Storage in Herculaneum

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Things to do

Herculaneum also known as Ercolano is an ancient Roman town, it is on the outskirts of the city of Naples and is also home to a pretty fishing village. In the nearby area, there are many attractions dating back to Roman times which are worth visiting! Having been underground under a thick layer of ash it is has been impeccably preserved and many wealthy riches, including jewelry, have been preserved from looting. It is a fascinating eye-opener to the ancient world.

Herculaneum Ruins

Hercolaneum has many archaeological finds and it was superbly conserved after the Vesuvius erupted. The eruptions maintained intact an incredible amount of detail, items such as furniture are still visible. This city was richer than the neighboring Pompeii, and thus has rich details of the grandeur that existed during the Roman Times! Make sure not to miss this spectacle of history! There is also a Virtual Archeological Museum just outside the Ruins which will propel you into the past with extreme detail and bring back to life the city and people so you can witness first-hand what Herculaneum used to be really like!
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